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MWO Jenner Scout Build And DPS Variant

Welcome to my first MWO mech Build. The first MWO mech I am going to cover is the supper stealthy Jenner JR7-D. I have taken this mech two different ways. One way is focused on damage, while the other way if focused on scouting abilities. They both have there places on the battle field.

The first MWO Jenner JR7-D Build

I run 3 Medium Lasers, 1 Anti-Missile, 2 Streak SRM2, Endo-Steel, Ferro-Fibrous, Double Heat Sinks, 3 Jump Jets.  With this build I can jump around targets or even get out of danger with the use of the Jump Jets.  This build allows for a little more damage with the Medium Lasers, and a good way to lock onto light Mech’s is the Streak SRM2.  The only bad thing about this build is that unless you win, you are constantly draining Cbills for repairs.


  • 113.4 Speed
  • 35 Tons
  • 25 Firepower
  • 1.39 Heat Efficiency
  • 179 Ferro-Fibrous Armor

This leads to one little nasty Mech.  He harasses and keeps on going.  I recommend everyone try this build at least once.

The Second MWO Jenner JR7-D Build

I run 2 Medium Lasers, 1 Tag,  1 Anti-Missile, 2 Streak Srms2, Endo-Steel, Ferro-Fibrous, Double Heat Sinks, 3 Jump Jets.  With this build I can run around the map and usually target without having to many issues with missiles.  I usually hide as much as possible while finding the highest point to spot from.  This only works if you have support to kill the things you spot.  The tag only last one shot, so make sure you keep re applying it.


  • 113.4 Speed
  • 35 Tons
  • 20 Firepower
  • 1.39 Heat Efficiency
  • 179 Ferro-Fibrous Armor

I really love these two build variants for the different types of game play.  I use one with friends in Atlas’ and the other for running and gunning.  The only problem I have with these builds, is witch one I want to run.

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Thoughts On MWO Open Beta

MWO  Open Beta Announcement

Monday, OCT 29th was the release of Mechwarrior Online (MWO) Open Beta.  On this day everything was reset back to nothing, and everyone had a chance to start over for the last time.  People who bought founders, and MC cash from the store got to keep all there spent MC as if they had never spent it.   The non-founders start with nothing and get the choice of 4 trial mechs.

My Thoughts on MWO so far

I would like to go over some of the MWO improvements I would like to see in the next few months.

  1. The game randomly crashes every now and then.
  2. The party invite window is LAME
  3. If someone in your group does not have the right Mech setup with heatsinks, don’t let everyone else in and leave that guy out
  4. Random FPS drops/yellow screen glitches at random times.

This list is very small, and I think with these few things changed the game can be more enjoyable.

Another set of things I’ve noticed with the MWO since launch that is more of a gripe then a problem.

  1. There is a lot of people who join in on trial Mechs just to run out and die so they can instantly que up again.   Rinse and repeat.  Might be good to add the same restriction you have on purchased Mechs when you leave game.
  2. Bases should only be able to be capped mid to late game.  To many times I have seen games end in 3 minutes because new players don’t know to defend the base.
  3. Fix the problem with double heat sinks.  They seem to be useless other then making the mech a little lighter.

Again this is a small list and I have no doubt the game will get better as more and more people give there input.  This game for being F2P is shaping up very nicely and I hope to see a lot more maps and Mechs in the next coming up patches

Hopefully everyone who is playing is having a great time like I am.  This game is one of the best F2P FPS games I have played in a while.  Keep up the good work over there and as always follow me on twitter, Facebook, or Google +

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