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Popas, The Mechwarrior Presents MWO:Mechbuilder

This post is mainly about what I was getting done with my MWO videos and how the site is coming along.  So far the sites blog function is up and running, but the homepage is having an issue at the moment.  I want to have more of a static look on the front page and worry less about it looking so plain.  This should be done within the next few weeks.

Ive been recording more and more MWO video.  I almost have enough footage of my Jenner running scout for some more fun scouting runs.   I completed a How To Trial Dragon Video.   It gives some insight on how to use the Dragon Mech.  Also I have a video up and running with my favorite Commando build with PPC and a Medium laser.

You can find the videos here on my Youtube Channel.  You will find a mix of videos that I love to play.

If you would like to be on my team in any matches please friend me on MWO.  My pilot name is popas.  I am always willing to play with anyone who wants to have fun and take out some steel.

All this talk about heavy weaponry makes me want to go and kill some more metal.

For more information on General MWO, and different Builds Please join our Forums Here

Until next time, hope to see you in MWO

Popas, The Mechwarrior


MWO A New Player Is Born

MWO is upon us, and with the NDA lifted I felt I wanted to start my contribution to the different fan sites that help litter the internet.

Its time to begin this blog about Mechwarrior Online or MWO.  The goal of this site is to produce videos and builds for new people coming to the game.  I will be Posting information as soon as I have tested and taken video of different Mech’s in action.  I hope this site will be a learning tool and help people who are new to the game as I once was.

Bring on the pain and I hope to see you in MWO soon…….Just hope its not under my metal foot.

Popas, the Mechwarrior